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Your Visions,
Put Together.

Make better films with a better editor.

Meet Lufu

A Film Editor
based in Taipei,
serves globally.

Professionally Trained

I hold a Cinema Art degree
from Columbia College Chicago.


It does not matter if your footage is shot on a Canon 5D Mark III, Sony A7S2 or even Arri Alexa, I can handle that.

5+ Years of Experience

I've worked with startup, corporation, indie filmmaker, and professional crew.


Having lived in both Taiwan and the U.S., it pushes me to quickly adjust myself to just plug and play wherever I go.

Writer's Mindset

Since I also write my own screenplay, my editing helps solidify your plot structure.


Aside from honing my filmmaking skill, I continue to expand my knowledge base on graphic, motion, and web design.

“Lu-Fu Always Helps Us Push the Envelope in Quality and Innovation.”
Benjamin Cohen
Senior Media Producer




  Proud to be a cinema art alum of Columbia College Chicago, I attribute my success to Practicum. Funded by Columbia, Practicum recruits the most elite professors and students. In addition, we were very fortunate to utilize state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to realize some of the craziest visions. Trusted as the only foreign student to be the creative head, I turned the expectation into my biggest leap in college. With the group efforts, we premiered our film in Hollywood.

  With over five years of filmmaking experience, I shine at embracing editing challenges with limited camera coverage. In my view, constrains and limitations are what drive people to produce the best creative works. Furthermore, I work best with complex emotional scenes. Facing these qualms on screen, it reminds me we are all human beings after all. We tumble, we fail, we reconcile, and we recover. In empathy we see auroras. The characters on my preview window give me the best life lessons.